Monday, September 28, 2009

Food and Mood

Sometimes, when I'm down, I feel hungry a lot. I think this is because I am feeling an emotional emptiness or sadness in my stomach that I think eating will somehow cure. Sometimes this feeling in the pit of my stomach actually feels like hunger and it is hard to know if it really is hunger or not.

I try to drink water, and do something else, and wait a bit to see if the hunger is still there. Unfortunately, it often still is there.

Sometimes, when I'm down, I don't want to eat because nothing seems appetizing to me. Even my favorite foods just aren't appealing. Not feeling interesting in eating breakfast is actually an early sign for me that my mood is off. I will feel hungry but not want any food. Nevertheless, I eat, but sometimes I don't make the smartest decisions as to what to eat.

These feelings are frustrating. I want to eat the right amount of food everyday. Feeling hungry makes me feel unhappy. Not being able to find a food that I really want is also frustrating.

I am trying to change how I feel about hunger. I have enough food. So feeling hungry shouldn't be a sad feeling for me. I think that if I know I ate enough, then I should consider treating hunger as a symptom. Like any other symptom, it can be dealt with, changed, maybe even tempered.

I made this Ham and Corn Casserole.  My husband really likes it.  Sometimes I like it. Just depends on my mood.

How does mood change your desire for food?