Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back from vacation: Taking Pills on the Plane

I had a ton of pre-trip anxiety, and now that my vacation is over with, so is my anxiety.

One of the things I was really anxious about was taking my medicine through airport security.  So I decided to mail my meds to my sister so that I wouldn't have to take them through security.  Even though you are allowed to take medicine through airport security (even unmarked, such as in a pill organizer), I was still nervous that they would cause a problem for me.

So I mailed them to my sister, and I asked her to bring them to the airport when she picked me up.  That worked out fine. I was also nervous that she was going to say something to me about all of these meds I take.... I was having plenty of irrational thoughts.

Irrational thought: She would think bad of me for taking all of these meds.

I tried to replace it with the rational thought: She would be glad to see me and happy that the medicine works for me.

One thing I did not plan for was that my airplane was late and I missed my connecting flight, so I was at the airport for 5 hours.  So I didn't have my morning meds to take on time, but as soon as I did arrive, I took my lithium and I felt fine.  So, in retrospect, it may have been better to have the meds with me... but I did the best thing for my nerves.

Sunrise, as seen from airplane, during red-eye flight.

On the way home, I still had some of the meds that I mailed her, and I brought them through airport security without any problem.  They did rescan one of my bags when the X-ray machine beeped, and the TSA agent thought something was funny (I don't know what.. I didn't have anything funny in my bag!), but it was fine.  The TSA agents were actually quite nice and relaxed.

By the way, I had a terrific vacation!  My mood was good the whole time!  I got to see my family and it was so wonderful. I just wish I didn't have so much pre-trip anxiety.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stop lithium to see if I really am still crazy

That's a crazy thought.

I'm sure anyone who's on psych meds has had it.... Maybe if I stop taking them I'll be able to handle it.. Maybe I'll have more inspiration.. Maybe I'm not sick anymore.. Do I really need them?

Today, as I was refilling my pill box, I was thinking about which pills I need the most, and that turned into my wondering what would happen if I did lower the lithium.....

But I've been there, done that.  The lithium makes my life so much easier.  So much better.  Less arguements, less turmoil, less crisis.

And so, I do stockpile my lithium, and I rarely miss a dose.  With it, my life is better.....