Saturday, December 12, 2009

Creating Crisis

Feeling frustrated. Making a bigger deal out of something than it really is. Escalating. Repeating your problem, your worry, exaggerating it, raising your voice, trying to get other people to pay attention. Trying to get other people to also be upset. Getting them to join in.  Trying to get them to feel how you feel.  Because you don't feel good.  Seriously.

People turn something into a crisis that doesn't have to be a crisis.  You may be tempted to do it yourself. To cause a fit, or to escalate a worry, to draw people in, to get a response, to get something to happen.

Don't do it.  It's better just to slow down and pause and say, “I feel ___.”  [Fill in with the emotion.]  So many times, those simple words have turned my day around.

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