Monday, August 29, 2011

Phenibut Makes Me Dizzy

I love how phenibut feels except for the dizziness.  When I take phenibut, it completely erases anxiety, and it makes me sleep very soundly.  I get the best sleep on it.  I wake up refreshed the next morning. Except that I am always dizzy the next day.

I've searched the internet, and generally the dizziness is supposedly only associated with high doses of phenibut, but I'm taking low doses.  Usually I only take 540mg, and this last time I only took 220mg.  The 220mg dose was effective, but I still got dizziness!  Now this makes me wonder if I'm super sensitive to it, or maybe when I'm sleeping my body doesn't metabalize it the same way. I could try taking it during the day, and see if I get dizzy, but I don't take phenibut just for fun. I only take it for anxiety. So I'd only take it during the day if I got really anxious during the day... which hasn't happened yet.

It's interesting to note that I didn't have this dizziness problem when I first starting taking phenibut, and I don't know what has changed.  I don't take it every day, and this dizziness occurs even if I only take it once a week.

Anyway, it's just a mystery that I'd thought I'd mention, in case other people have this problem too.  Next time I'm going to try an even lower dose.


  1. I haven't tried phenibut. I'd be concerned about the dizziness, since I already get vertigo if I even have a bad cold.

    I gave melatonin a try a few years back. I failed to read the warning on the label that it shouldn't be taken by asthmatics. I'm lucky I got off with a few days of slight wheezing. I figured I'd share that with your readers in case any of them are asthmatics considering melatonin :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! That's good to know about melatonin.