Monday, November 23, 2009

"It's just tea."

I started drinking Chamomile Tea for anxiety when I was in college.

My friend introduced me to it.  She said that when she was in grade school she would go to the nurse's office and the nurse would make her chamomile tea to help calm her nerves.

I started drinking it and it really did help, although I complained to her that it only worked moderately... she said, "It's just tea."  Like I was expecting too much from it.

It might just be tea, but it is a great way to relax.  Pair it up with some medicine if you need to... Tea is a warm, delicious, and a calming drink.... And something you can share with a friend.

Chamomile tea comes in many flavors and varieties..  Below are a couple of links to some unique flavors. I recommend Celestial Seasonings, Stash, and Tazo brands.  Be warned that some brands taste more like hay than tea, and if you happen to get one of those, please don't give up on tea altogether.. Just try a different brand.

The following are all available on  If you haven't shopped there before, you can get a $5 coupon for your first order by using this referral code: LIN282  That should make your first box of tea practically free.  Iherb also has great prices on supplements.

Celestial Seasonings, Honey Vanilla Chamomile

Celestial Seasonings, Sleepytime Extra, Chamomile Mint Flavor

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