Saturday, November 7, 2009

Too Many Days of Happiness?

It seems like I've gone too many days without depression.

I should have had at least a little depression this month.  But the closest I came was feeling overly emotional for one or two days.

I've been drinking green tea, often twice a day.  Eating pecans every other day, or so.  Not getting out to walk as much as usual, though.   Waking up a little bit earlier than normal.  Only sleeping 6 or 6.5 hours instead of my usual 7-8.  I don't feel tired.  I want to keep going and going.  Work excites me.  Life seems so happy.

Music has been sounding great too.

I must be hypomanic.  But I'm just not feeling any of the negative aspects from it, this time.

I've taking my lithium orotate as usual.   No med changes lately.

I guess I'm just feeling happy!  Does that mean that I'm gearing up for a big depressive spell?  Hypomania is always followed by depression.  It's just a question of when.  I'm just hoping that I'm not depressed during my Thanksgiving trip to visit my parents.  I need all of the normality and strength I can get for that, which is certainly going to be stressful.

I just wish I could know ahead of time when I'll be depressed and when I'll be (hypo) manic.  But Bipolar Disorder doesn't work that way.  And on some (hypomanic) days I think that maybe I've cured it for good!  And that I can go on this blog and tell the world about my wonderful, easy cure.  Now that's a dream, or a delusion :)

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  1. Hypomania doesn't have to be followed by depression, in my experience. I understand the feeling, though, that what goes up must come down. Perhaps a lessening of the hypomania is all you'll experience? Keep good sleep habits, that's my advice.