Thursday, January 14, 2010

Enjoyable activities

Finding some simple things I like to do has been helpful.  These are things I do when I'm up late at night, or when I feel down, or just want to spend some time not working.

One of those things I like to do is look at pictures.  Cat pictures are one of my favorite kinds.

Zenera on flickr is to thank for this amusing cat photo and her cat pictures are among the best I've found.  She loves her cats and it really shows!

It's good to have a handful of things to do when you need to pass the time until you feel better, until you fall asleep, or until the meds kick in.

Some suggestions:
Talk to a friend.
Read blogs.
Look at pictures.
Listen to music.

I actually have trouble focusing on TV when I'm feeling down, but for some people, a movie or TV show is just the right thing too.

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