Monday, January 11, 2010


My word for a symptom I experience sometimes. It's a visual change. Everything appears kinda bright but yet soft. Glowy.

Reminds of Van Gogh's paintings.

Usually glowy is associated with hypomania for me. Scattered thoughts. Fast thoughts.  Hard to focus. Sometimes sensitivity to bright light.  I used to have to turn my monitor brightness down.

Many of the symptoms we have are changes in how our brain interprets what is coming in from our senses. In other words, changes in perception.  See things differently.  Hear things differently.

Have you ever had a day where you can see better?  Or smell more subtle things?  Or hear sounds that might, or might not, be there?

Here is an interesting study on schizophrenia and perception:

Check out the video of the mask illusion.  How does that optical illusion look to you? And what does this really mean?

Thanks to C-Monster on Flickr for the above picture of Van Gogh's Mulberry Tree.

I am apparently not the only one who likes that one.   I also think the Cafe Terrage at Night painting is a good representation of the glowiness. Just look at the orange glow from the cafe.

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  1. I am the opposite of the normal creative arty type, but I nearly cried when I clicked on your description of visual change to see Van Gogh. There is something very sensual about his art that reaches my eyes when I am hypomanic, but I could not say that to most people! My eyes see colours and luminousity, textures and contrasts so vividly when I am high, it is how I know what is coming. I shut my eyes and turn my head. It is so difficult to explain this as so it is not a symptom talked about frequently.