Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Music to De-Stress and Relax

About a year ago, I came across a series of CDs by "Advanced Brain Technologies."  The psycho lingo on the CDs made me almost not buy them.  So often it seems that the greater the claim, the lower the result.

To my surprise, their music is surprisingly effective at delivering what it claims.

Music to De-Stress can actually lower my anxiety from a near panic attack and/or even make me fall asleep.  It is a combination of classical music and beach sounds with foghorns.

Sleepy Baby might only be for birth to 36 months, but it puts me to sleep.  It was my bedtime music for many nights in a row.  

Music for Inspiration could be called 'music for depression' as it helps lift me out of the blues.

Music to Relax is relaxing.  No surprises. I like that :)

These CDs are performed by the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble and some of them can also be found on Amazon.

I'm not affiliated with the company or making any money off of these links. I am just impressed by their effectiveness.  I found most of them at a thrift store, and then later found a few at my local library. 

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  1. Light classical music has been proven to lower blood pressure. I agree that these types of cds work - I have one called "A Different Mozort" that is great for relaxation.