Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scattered and Tearful lately.

I haven't written much lately as my mood has been more unstable.  I've been feeling scattered and have been crying easily. I don't know if it is hypomania, or a mixed episode.... More on that soon, I hope!

Today I found Crazy Mermaid's blog and I have read most of her posts and enjoyed it immensely.  Although I don't have a lot in common - I've never had a psychotic episode - it is still helpful to read about her feelings and experiences.  The experience of having a mental illness is an experience shared across the entire spectrum of bipolar disorder, despite differences in symptoms and their severity.  It helps me to read about what other people are experiencing.

When you have some time to read, be sure to check out all of Crazy Mermaid's blog posts. It is like reading an engrossing book.  She writes about her involuntary stay in a psychiatric hospital, about the voices in her head, and her ongoing recovery.

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  1. I'm sorry you are feeling this way and I hope you feel better soon. Keep in mind that the input you give your mind greatly effects the output of your feelings so although reading mental health blogs can be helpful in that you don't feel alone they can also color the way you see the world and effect how depressed you feel. Take care of yourself. Maybe go get a massage. I gave my son one last night and it worked wonders. Massages are always good :)